These are programs that last from 4 to 10 weeks. They take place mainly in the summer months, from July to September, in Australia. These programs represent a good chance of learning for anyone who does not want to leave Italy for a long time, and reconcile them with the school holidays. During shor


The quarterly programs are a little more detailed than Short Stay. They mainly take place during the summer, in the quarter from July to September, in countries that are not as good as Australia and New Zealand, where the school rate is in full swing during the summer. In the quarterly program you a


The six-month programs already allow excellent results of study and training. They can take place in two different ways: from July / August to December / January or from January to July. The possible destinations will change according to the chosen periods. In both cases you will be reinstated when


The annual program is the one that allows you to live a complete experience and reap the best fruits. It starts roughly in August or September, it lasts until June or July of the following year and is available for all the destinations proposed by StudyTours, with the exception of Australia and New