The local coordinator StudyTours and / or its partners have verified the motivation of these families for adherence to the program, as well as the ability to guarantee an adequate standard of living and to welcome you into their family nucleus. Families are composed of referenced persons of all ages and backgrounds, married or not, with or without children. For the most part they are volunteers, who offer free hospitality. In some specific cases, however, families can receive a refund. This type of accommodation allows a more rapid adaptation to the new lifestyle, is ideal in the case of minors and is what we generally recommend. Each family has unique characteristics, but all will welcome you with open arms!


For some destinations you can choose to stay in a school residence offering a board and board accommodation in full board. The facilities are selected from those that can offer the best atmosphere for study, recreation and social activities. With boarding school you become a member of a true international community, far from the traditional Italian school system and therefore even more exciting. You will share spaces and activities with other students, you will learn to confront people and situations that are really different from your everyday life. The facilities are supervised by adult staff resident within the campus and are subject to strict security protocols.