Holiday study abroad: the best destinations for an unforgettable experience


Study holidays abroad are useful and meaningful for those who intend to deepen their knowledge of the language. Studying a language while on a study trip can be extremely advantageous compared to any study path. Here are the reasons!

Study trips: immerse yourself in culture

A summer abroad allows you to experience the place and get to know all its features. You can therefore fully experience the culture of a country, experience its traditions, build relationships and see the world from a different perspective than yours. This point of view is invaluable for those who want to learn a new language!

Learn while having fun while living abroad

Learning a language requires dedication, commitment and study. With language studies abroad, everything becomes easier! The environment in which you live, even in the small actions of everyday life, will challenge you to continuously get involved and to practice the new language. With a personalized program , you will choose one of the activities to do when you are abroad. From sport to dance , from specialization courses in digital to international relations and much more . Its up to you to choose!

A summer abroad for new friends

What is the point of having a summer abroad if not to make friends! The summer cultural exchange allows you to get in touch with many people and make new friends. An experience of studying the language abroad will allow you to exercise and practice the language even when you go out to watch a movie, have a beer or have an evening together. And who knows, maybe one of these friendships will last forever!

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With StudyTours you can now book your study holiday abroad in magnificent destinations full of opportunities

What experience do you want to have?


With a few clicks you can receive a quote for your study holiday abroad by choosing through different criteria: are you interested in a country or do you already have a favorite city in your mind where you would like to live? With StudyTours you can choose from the best destinations.

To enter the heart of Anglo-Saxon culture you can choose a study trip to England or aim for the soul of the United Kingdom with a study holiday in London. If your dream is to discover the United States you will find the Study Holidays for you in New York .

If your goal is to learn English, you can choose the general course and hone your language skills. With the Young Manager course, you can take your first steps into the world of business and work in a team. Is your vocation the journalism ? With the Junior Reporter experience you can participate in many workshops and learn different journalistic styles. You feel ready to handle the worlds problems and we will teach you how to become the next Ambassador thanks to the UN Course to be held in New York. Combine your passions with the English course abroad by choosing between football, golf, dance and much more, for a study trip abroad.