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The LTL main campus is conveniently located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Beijing. We are a 5 minute walk from the Dawanglu 大望路 subway stop on Line 1 and can also be easily reached by bus or taxi making it very convenient for everyone learning Chinese in Beijing to get to. Chinese homeworkOur school has been designed with the highest feng-shui and professional standards to provide an atmosphere that is optimal for learning. We have a study area filled with learning resources and equipped with free Internet, as is the rest of the school. Plus, we have a balcony that opens up to an interesting view of the neighborhood where you can sip coffee or have lunch with us. You are welcome to drop by any time to have a look!

tudy in the CBD in downtown Beijing School balcony, library and rest area All you can drink free coffee & tea 400m to the next subway station Gym, basketball court, and swimming pool inside the complex Cafeteria with food delivery service to the school balcony Six different banks, plenty of restaurants, and two shopping malls within five minute walking distance Opposite the BEC University, including a library, two football fields, and three university cafeterias

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During your language study stay abroad, proposals for leisure abound: you can practice your favorite sports, discover the culture of the host country will, make new friends from all over the world and spend a fun evening with them.

Learning the language continues even after the lessons: you how to practice your language skills together with other international students while you stroll through the streets of the city and visit the most famous sites, including attractions, museums, shopping, parks and shows.

A full program of activities waiting for you to make your stay even more exciting language and learn the language in the most authentic way. Among sports, excursions and entertainment only you'll be spoiled for choice!



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