CES Oxford English School is in Wheatley, a village that you can easily reach by bus from the centre of Oxford. Transportation between the school and the city centre is regular and reliable, and students can move from one place to the other without problems. The school is located in nice 300-year-old building in the main street of Wheatley. Behind the building there is a typical English-style lush garden which is used by the school for barbeques or summer parties: students enjoy a cup of coffee during breaks in a relaxed athmosphere. At our school you will manage to combine relax with high-quality English courses!

10 classrooms (during winter) / 15 classrooms (during summer); max. 18 students per classroom; self-learning centre open 5 days a week; library open 5 days a week; e-learning program before/during/after classes; magazines, economics books, and DVDs for students in the library; individual study area; multimedia centre with 10 computers and 10 tablets; free Wi-Fi connection and Internet access; common room with recreational area; assistance service; available kitchen for students

Language courses in Oxford




During your language study stay abroad, proposals for leisure abound: you can practice your favorite sports, discover the culture of the host country will, make new friends from all over the world and spend a fun evening with them.

Learning the language continues even after the lessons: you how to practice your language skills together with other international students while you stroll through the streets of the city and visit the most famous sites, including attractions, museums, shopping, parks and shows.

A full program of activities waiting for you to make your stay even more exciting language and learn the language in the most authentic way. Among sports, excursions and entertainment only you'll be spoiled for choice!



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