You have no more doubts: you want to learn a language. So, here you will find the main reasons to choose one of our courses and study with StudyTours

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We offer a wide range of courses and more, we can offer fully customized or tailor-made solutions, with over 150 different destinations

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StudyTours is accredited by the most important training institutions and uses only the most prestigious schools, selected for the awards obtained and the excellence of the quality standards.

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We have a long experience over 45 years. Our professionalism is testified by the over 20,000 students who rely on us every year. Our programs are chosen by schools, organizations, multinational companies. Thanks to our offices, located on three continents, we guarantee a high quality standard tutoring service, with unique programs for contents and purposes.


General course

Suitable for everyone and for all levels of knowledge of a language (from A1 to C2) this course allows you to improve or consolidate your general language skills, both written and oral. The topics covered in the course are the most varied and of wide interest, precisely to allow you to acquire gener

Intensive course

This course is perfect for those who want to get the most out of them in no time. The hours dedicated to the study are greater and the topics are treated in more detail, with specific insights. In this case, progress in language learning is obviously faster and more visible from the early days.

Business Course

You can attend a general course and combine it with a Business course or opt for a course of this kind which is aimed at improving your general language skills in a professional or business context. Learn specific business languages ​​and learn how to write a CV in English or hold a successful i

Courses for managers

Our courses dedicated to professionals have been studied to offer, in a short time, solid and lasting advances in language learning, allowing you to move and interact with ease in the world of work. We also offer very specific courses aimed at learning the terminology and vocabulary used in a given

Courses with stage

To make a truly unique experience in the world of work abroad, we offer specific courses tailored to the sector of activity you are interested in and to your level of linguistic preparation. We will structure the internship program according to your objectives or we will insert you in the most suita

Courses for over

Do you like traveling and want to learn English? Do you want to improve the knowledge of a language but do not want to find yourself in a class of kids? These courses are structured precisely for those who, like you, want to dedicate quality time to learning an idiom and want to do it together with

Academic year, semester or quarter abroad

Immerse yourself completely in the life and everyday life of the country, learn the language day by day, following our courses but also living the reality that hosts you with its peculiarities and its unique characteristics. Our academic programs include short, medium or long-term periods of stay an

Preparation courses for official exams

First, Advanced, TOEIC, TELC, DELE, DELF, TRKI, CILS, HSK, are just some of the certifications that you can achieve by attending our specific courses of preparation for official exams. Each language has its own and our schools will provide you with the specific preparation and assistance to make you

Language training courses

If you have a C2 level of knowledge or are a native speaker and want to pursue a language teaching career, our specific courses will consolidate and / or structure your knowledge and lead you to final exam for obtaining the official diploma suitable for entry into the world of work.